Kalk Post Radio Show @ Kölncampus

Kalk Post Radio Show pres. by Cometogether Projekt, recorded on the 21st  August 2013 and the show will be broadcast again on Kölncampus… comming soon in Borderclash. Playlist:

01. Jamaaladeen Tacuma – Rouge (Gramavision)
02. COS – 3 Femme Dans Ma Tête (GeeBeeDee)
03. Donald Knaack & Peggy Knaack – Cash Flow (hat Musics)
04. Sleaford Mods – Donkey (Harbinger Sound)
05. Suicide – Swearin’ To The Flag (Blast First)
06. Die Welttraumforscher – Augenblicksarchitektur (Das Moniflabel)
07. Spy vs. Spy – Untitled (Irdial Discs)
08. Severed Heads – Lamborghini (VOD-Records)
09. Ra.H & Dynamo Dreesen – Spacepops / Donato Dozzy Rework (Morphine)
10. Ike Yard – Half A God (Factory America)
11. Heldon – Interface (Cobra)
12. Andy Stott – Numb (Modern Love)
13. Tony Olliviera – Prophetic Light (Sistrum)
14. RP Boo – Battle In The Jungle (Planet Mu)
15. Sun Papa And Lawrence Le Doux – Coca Cola Horizon (Thin Consolation)
16. Carlo Fashion – Taiwanese Tam-Tam (Hausmusik)
17. Tony Scott & The Indonesian Allstars – Djanger Bali (SABA)
18. Ornette Coleman – What A Reason Could I give (Columbia)
19. Luv You Madly Orchestra – Moon Maiden (Salsoul)
20. Evans Pyramid – No, I Won’t (Cultures Of Soul)
21. Negativland – Perfect Cut / Good As Gold (RecRec Music)
22. ERB – The Weekend (Clubhouse)
23. Harry “The Crown” Hosono – Sayonara (Panam)

Baustelle Kalk Radio_2013

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